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The effects of Hemp / CBD on animals. Testing commenced in the USA

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Looking after your best friends is an important part of their quality of life, how active they are and keeping them away from those expensive vet visits. Unfortunately, the food we have on offer at our local supermarkets doesn’t supply them with a nutritional diet, so it’s good to do what you can to make sure your pets are getting what they need. Hopefully, we will get some help from the amazing Hemp plant. It seems the question on hemp the more you study it and research it’s potential benefits you start asking yourself- What can’t they do???

The below article is from a recent study in the USA. I hope you like it…..

HempMy Pet™, an HM Health LLC company, announces that it has signed an agreement with Tarleton State University, a member of The Texas A & M University System, for a research study on the Behavioral and Physiological effect of full spectrum Abacus™ Cannabidiol (CBD) oil when used to mediate stress and pain in Horses.

The objective of the research program is to explore opportunities that full spectrum Abacus™ CBD oil may provide to the livestock industry as a tool to mediate stressors, minimize injury during transport and handling, and promote health by minimizing overstimulation of the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands, commonly called the HPA axis.

Environmental stressors such as handling, transport and housing can affect aspects such as weight gain and feed efficiency, in addition to stimulating stereotypic behaviors such as bar biting, self-mutilation and excessive aggression. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to decrease anxiety from a variety of different stimuli in studies with both dogs and mice.

“We have already seen an overwhelmingly positive response in the first clinical trials study we did with Colorado State University Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, using our full spectrum infused oil to assess the impact of hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) on dogs suffering with chronic pain and decreased functionality due to osteoarthritis. We are excited to now be a part of this study for horses, because we believe that the findings will be just as positive and will continue the advancement of using hemp-derived products as medicine for many ailments for all types of animals that can greatly benefit from this plant” says Natalie Mondine, Co-Founder and COO of HM Health LLC / HempMy Pet.

In various laboratory animal and human studies, it has been suggested that cannabidiol (CBD) is able to reduce both anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), however the effects of CBD on indices of stress in livestock have not yet been reported. This study, undertaken by Tarleton State University, will investigate the bioavailability, sensitivity, pharmacokinetics, sex effects, derivatives and total body clearance in horses.

The Tarleton University professor who will oversee the study, Dr. Kimberly Guay, Ph.D., P.A.S, said “We are excited to explore and quantify the potential benefits and associated physiological effects of CBD in horses and other domestic animals.”

The hope is that the study will reveal potential benefits of CBD use in that livestock, horses specifically, that may save producers and horse owners money due to lowered disease and injuries, and most importantly, overall improved quality of life and welfare of domesticated animals.

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HempMy Pet™, a division of HM Health, LLC (who also owns Colorado CBD Seed and Abacus™ hemp genetics), offers CBD-infused products for dogs, cats and horses. All products are made with their own in-house, full spectrum oil derived from their proprietary Abacus™ genetics, grown in their greenhouses and facilities located in Loveland, Colorado. For more information, please visit www.hempmypet.com or email directly support@HempMyPet.com.

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HempMy Pet’s mission is to help animals live the happiest, healthiest lives possible. “When you give your pets food and treats made from high-quality, organic ingredients infused with the naturally beneficial properties of hemp, you’re helping them to feel their best every day and live a long, healthy life,” said Marc Brannigan, founder of HempMy Pet™.

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